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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

West End Station-asssigned parking plan proposal

Do you have comments about the new parking proposal?
Please post them here.


  1. Hi Linda & HOA Board -

    Thanks for working on this - I really think having assigned parking is a good idea. I know that it is very hard to please everyone, but I do have a suggestion for the plan. The parking space that is closest to my house and that I have always parked in is being assigned to another homeowner (I am in 301 and it is being assigned to 300 - the spaces being switched are circled on the map). I know that it appears my two assigned spaces are close to my house, but as we always go up the back stairs these 2 assigned spaces are actually not very close. I'd like to keep the space closest to my house so that I can park close when carrying in groceries, etc.

    Alternately, I'd happily give up the space I currently park in if the handicapped space that was put in right next to my house could be moved and that space could be allocated for #301. I know there was a general impression that we need 3 handicapped spaces, but I'm not sure that is a correct interpretation of the law. As a private residential condo without a rental office or clubhouse, we are governed by the Fair Housing Act (FHA), not American Disabilites Act (ADA; see here). Even if ADA is applied, 1 handicapped space is necessary for every 25 public spaces (see here) - with only 25 non-deeded spaces only 1 handicapped space is necessary. Under FHA guidelines, we must make a reasonable attempt to accommodate the request of a disabled community member (see here) - currently there are none. If I am missing a statute or misinterpreting federal guidelines I'd like to know which one applies to our situation.

    I know it is impossible to please everyone, but I think giving everyone the space closest to their house is a good start.

    - Jack Virostko

  2. Hi Linda & HOA Board -

    Thank you so much for the tremendous amount of effort you put into this.

    I know it will be hard to please everybody but something has to be done. We've tried this system for one year and it does not work most of the time.

    Anyway in the long run, we will all benefit from this, ie - it will be a good selling point when we put our houses on the market - the convenience of having a reserved spot - safety specially when you come home late - it prevents animosity among homeowners (when somebody tries to take their spot) - it enhances the value of the property. Just ask any realtor!!!!!!

    I'm very pleased with what you came up for me - so what if i have to walk a few feet for the other parking space - at least i have one right in front of my unit where I can unload groceries, etc.

    Reiterating my thanks for working on this.

    Lupe Cu - Unit 302

  3. Linda and HOA Board,

    I echo what the fellow homeowners said above. Great work. It is a needed improvement to our great community. It helps clarify the parking for homeowners and visitors. It also gives every homeowner the benefit of reserved parking if they should decide to sell.

    Thank you,

    Fred Weisbrodt

  4. I appreciate the efforts put into designing the proposal (I saw first-hand that it wasn't easy). If it helps reduce peoples' frustrations and makes it easier to sell eventually, I am all for it.

  5. I appreciate the efforts put into the designing of the proposal as well. However, I have to disagree with the above people. We all bought our houses knowing what the parking situation would be like. I know it is frustrating to walk a little further or have someone park in "that spot" that we are used to parking in. However there is actually a ton of parking on 36th and in the gravel. It may not be right beside your house. You may have to walk 25 steps instead of 5. I thinking putting in numbers on the park spots is tacky and makes our houses look more like we live in an apartment complex than a neighbor. I don't believe that it will help the resell value of the house. It think that is mearly someone’s opinion. I hope that many of you will consider how this will change the appreance of your neighborhood.

  6. Sorry, but I'm not a fan of the proposal. Like Anonymous said, I feel we were all aware of the parking arrangements when we bought into W.E.S. I knew it wasn't ideal but I thought the home would still increase in value without assigned parking. I still believe this. So occasionally when I have to park a short distance from my home, I am not bothered.

    I thought we agreed at the last meeting to have small markings that designated what a spot was. On our side of the neighborhood (304/5-315/6) a major problem with the current situation is that we have to guess what a spot is, which results in inefficient use of the space. Markers of some kind would be helpful in eliminating confusion and frustration. I prefer to at least try that plan instead of what appears to be the most extreme option. Is there a reason that idea went away?

    I'm also not sold on the idea that this will give us a big boost in value. I envision all the paint and labeling to be unattractive and like an apartment complex- not what I would look for as a buyer and certainly not welcoming. I also think on my side of the street there is an 'optimistic' number of spots which could be troubling. If Jack's research is correct- I think we have more than the required handicap spots. I do think we should have some, just not as many if we have more than required. I might be nit-picking at this point so I'll conclude.

    It's clear this proposal took a lot of effort- I truly appreciate the people who are trying to make everyone happy and better our neighborhood. And if the vote goes for it, I'll shut up. I just think we should try a more moderate plan first before we jump into this one.

  7. My husband and I also disagree with the proposal. If parking spots were assigned, not only does it look tacky but it does NOT boost the value of the homes. Also who will volunteer to be the "parking ward" and call the tow truck every time someone is in your space. We don't want that job. Not to mention, is it in our deeds that we "own" the spaces. If not, I believe they belong to the city, in which case they are considered public parking and a tow company will NOT tow in public parking. We'll be going over the deed and researching before the meeting as well.
    In addition we find labeled spots unattractive. Personally, that would turn me off to a development. We all knew what we signed up for. Let's be grown ups about this and really consider what saying "yes" to this proposal will do. I think everyone will be upset at what a poor choice assigned parking is. There is plenty on 36th and in the gravel. Exercise is good.

  8. It would be nice to come home from the grocery store or late at night and know for sure that I can conveniently unload my car in front of my house. For those homeowners that are along 36th Ave, you have parking on 36th as well as 2 spaces "assigned" behind your unit that are convenient to you. For those homeowners along the opera/ballet railroad tracks, you have 2 "assigned" gravel spots per unit directly behind your home that are convenient to you and spillover curbside parking along the railroad tracks. Without assigning parking spots, I COULD park in any of these spots, but there is an understanding that these spots are already somewhat "assigned." For the homeowners along the eastside railroad tracks, you have parking in front of your homes and directly across the street in the gravel spots that are convenient to you.

    The issue of parking is more difficult, inconvenient and often inconsiderate for those homeowners parallel to Nebraska who have at best 1 spot directly in front of their unit. It is these homeowners who are constantly vying for spots. If in the bylaws there is no assigned parking, then all parking in the neighborhood is fair game for anyone at anytime. I ask that you consider assigning parking because parking that may be convenient and no big deal for some is inconvenient, frustrating and inconsiderate for others.

  9. So glad everyone is commenting. Thank you! Keep it up!

  10. It would be nice to have a reserved parking.

    What about those homeowners that have babies, little kids, minor disabilities - you expect them to park on 36th if no parking is available and haul all the stuff that these parents have to take with them - ie - stroller, diaper bag, toys, etc. Where is your compassion?
    What about if parking on 36th, you get mugged or robbed - just because you cannot even park in front of your units whereas visitors from Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, etc. can park in our property? Where is justice here??
    Do I have to own a gun now, mace or pepper spray so I can protect myself if I have to park somewhere not near my house?
    Do you know that we already have a homeowner whose house has been broken into - not to mention some cars being vandalized - a house fire - Do you want to add another bad publicity about somebody being attacked in our subdivision? Do you know that it's pretty dark out there at night? Exercise is not the solution. Some people might not be able to exercise or walk a distance - dont assume that everybody is as healthy as you.

    The labeling of the parking spaces can be done in a very acceptable manner. There are different ways to do it. You can go to Belle Meade and Green Hills subdivisions and some of them have reserve parkings marked. My friends, we are not Belle Meade...

    Also the people that probably resents this reserve parking are the ones violating the rules and also have probably 10 cars.

    If you think having reserved parking is tacky - then pack your stuff and move to BELLE MEADE.!!!!!that's probably where you think you belong!!!!

  11. Wait, this isn't Belle Meade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Are the two posts above me jokes? First of all, your arguments are silly and do not make sense. You contradict yourself by saying that Belle Meade and Green Hills have acceptable reserved parking and then you said we aren't Belle Meade. WHAT?

    Where in Belle Meade or Green Hills or anywhere in Nashville do they have reserved parking in a NEIGHBORHOOD...not a shopping center or an apartment complex?

    Anonymous you are making it sound like we live in the ghetto of Nashville where our kids will be snatched up and we will all be mugged. Lets get real...this is about parking and you are going to be okay!

    P.S. Why is 36th so much more dangerous than 3 steps in the development?

  13. The post 3 above this lacks common sense and any reason. Your arguments are poor at best; most of your comments are completely arbitrary.

    Compassion? You bought your unit with knowledge of the parking situation and development plans. We are supposed to feel bad for you because you lack foresight?

    If you honestly feel that you are in danger here, then why did you purchase your unit? Seems like a poor decision or maybe safety is not on your list when home buying. Last time I checked this isn't South Central LA but maybe I am mistaken.

    Justice?? You sound ridiculous.

    I forgot that the house fire was due to parking. Good point.

    Ohh my's dark at night. Who would have thought that??

    Labeling the spots will never look good. This is not an apartment complex. It is a neighborhood. Let me know when you find another neighborhood like ours with assigned parking.

    BELLE MEADE for LIFE!!!!

  14. It is apparent that most of those who take issue with the parking proposal are less against guaranteed spaces for homeowners and more against the labeling of these spaces. I've noticed a popular argument against the proposal is that the labeling will make us look more like an apartment complex. Can it not then be said that a free-for-all with parking relegates us to nothing more than a strip mall where we are the shoppers and our houses the stores? No, neighborhoods don't have assigned parking, but most do have driveways. If they don't, neighbors are courteous enough to allow them the street spaces in front of their house.

    Honestly, I think that's what this all comes down to--courtesy. I think that those in favor of the proposal, my wife and I included, just want consideration. As Lupe mentioned, for those of us with "hot spots," the disregard for others' space has obviously created animosity, albeit "anonymous," as evidenced by the previous posts. Numbered spaces or not, we are a neighborhood, and I should hope that we all want not only to be friendly with each other, but to respect each other as well. The parking regulations drawn up in April gave us a chance to do this, but continual disregard for these rules, some of which can be attributed to the inefficient design of the parallel spots, has led us to consider assigned parking as the best solution.

    That being said, we do care about the appearance of our neighborhood, and we believe that it is possible as well as important to label spaces in a subtle and tasteful manner that is acceptable to everyone in our community.

  15. I appreciate those who took the time to draw up the plans for the proposed parking. I think it is interesting reading all of these posts. I myself am not in favor of the parking plan. From what I hear and read, the only argument for assigned parking is convenience. I understand that you want to park right in front of your house to unload your groceries, when you get in late at night, or just because you don't want to exercise the 15 extra steps. I get it...I have those days too.

    However, when I bought my house, I not only bought my house because I thought it was cute but because I loved the neighborhood. I did not buy my house knowing or even thinking that I would have numbers on the pavement. EVERYBODY bought into this development knowing full and well what the parking situation would be like. It is not really fair to suddenly change what we bought into simply because a group of people are inconvenienced. Secondly, I think we have a wonderful neighborhood with great people in it. Not only will numbering the spaces be tacky like past people have said but frankly is is very uninviting. Along with the tacky numbers there will have to be signs put up in our neighborhood saying, "NO parking or trespassers will be towed (or something along those lines)." Please show me another neighborhood who has numbered assigned parking in front of houses...not apartments, not schools, not shopping centers or condos but a neighborhood? How sad,uninviting, and cold to guests! I do live on 36th Ave. and frankly I don't care if people park in front of my house. There have been very few time that I have come home and checked my mail be it in the middle of the day or at night that I don't see many spaces available in the development open. The only times there has not been multiple spaces open is when there has been a party. I myself tell my party guests, out of respect for everyone, to always park on 36th or joining streets but not in the neighborhood. I think a lot of people do the same. With that being said, the only issue that I see people having with parking is again, inconvenience. To me, this is a silly argument considering our neighborhood is no more than 100 yrds in length. I for one would not complain walking a few extra yards if I couldn't get in the "hot spot" I wanted.

    What I don't understand is what this is going to accomplish besides looking tacky and univiting. So what if we do put up numbers and you get home at 11:00 and someone is in your spot. By the time you call the parking warden (whoever that will be because like the Verbics said, I don't want that job), and then they call the tow truck company and then the tow truck company gets here, I would guess 8/10 times the car would probably already be gone. We are not having an issue with people parking here long term. Putting the numbers might intimidate some people but those who park in your spot in the first place won't be deterred to park in your spot again because frankly...what are you going to do? So I ask...what is the point?

    All of these are many reasons that we shouldn't have the numbered parking just because a few people are inconvenienced. However what I believe is the most important argument and point to remember is that we chose this neighborhood and we knew, all of us, that parking was open. There are no excuses and its not fair to change it on the people who bought into something knowing and accepting and liking what they were buying.

    I ask that all of you who are wanting this parking plan will be considerate of those of us who really don't. I for one REALLY don't. I didn't buy into this neighborhood wanting that and I still don't and I think it is important to think about that. Please be considerate of your neighbors and mindful of how it will change our neighborhood.

  16. In the absence of rules or guidlines people can and will justify doing anyhthing that is in thier best interest. I find it interesting that since these posts have started, people are still inconsiderate and parking infront of other people's hoses. Julia, I appreciate and respect your concern regarding this parking issue. I might however point out that you do not have any idea how frustrating it is to not consistently have one place near your house to rely on. You have at the very least 3 parking places that I doubt anyone else parks in. I might remind you that without some guidelines your spaces are not reserved. Would your oppinion change if people started consistently parking in those spaces? I don't understand why numbering spaces has to resemble a pay parking lot. I think a tasteful alternative is possible. While everyone purchased there homes knowing the parking situation; we were also assured that this would be discussed in association meetings. I guess I assumed that having the one space infront of my unit would be a courtesy we could all agree on. To answer your question; there is a condo complex on the corner of 42nd and park in Sylvan Park that has assigned parking spaces. The spaces are not numbered but the community has come together and agreed not to park in eachother's parking place. Is there no acceptable compromise?