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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Please Sign Petition

Story on Channel 5 about petition formed against dangerous tunnel in Sylvan Heights.

Sign the Petition.


  1. Just to clarify -- the point of the petition is to encourage Metro to provide better pedestrian/bike access through the tunnel that goes under the railroad tracks on 37th Ave. Anyone who has ever tried to venture through there on foot or bike knows how treacherous it can be!

  2. Yes, and I hope that everyone will sign this. This is important to our neighborhood, because it will increase our walkability, which will be better for the environment and help our property values. Since we are a green neighborhood, I hope we can all get behind this cause.
    My daughter goes to Climb Nashville and Nashville Ballet, and walking through this dangerous tunnel is the only way we can walk there. It is a shame we can see the building from our house, yet it is just too dangerous to walk or ride a bike there.