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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"No Parking" Signage Issue

I spoke to the painter and told him that it was not done correctly.  We’d met with him a couple weeks ago and asked him to paint the no parking in small letter on the curb in white.  He called me yesterday and said that he painted one in white and it wouldn’t stand out so he recommended yellow.  Obviously the size of the letters is unacceptable and I’m not sure yellow is the right choice.

The developers’ plans were to paint that entire curb red with no parking painted in white. (See photo attached).  We curtailed that by stopping the painter last year before he got to that section.  That section is a fire lane and cannot have cars parked along it so we need something there.  Signs seem like a poor choice aesthetically.  Curb painting seems like the least intrusive way.  Along with it being a fire lane, the garbage truck has complained about not being able to access the dumpster when cars are parked along that curb.

He is letting me know when he's coming back (after he gets the 6" stencil). He said it might be difficult, or not possible to completely remove the yellow letters from the curb without painting over them.  He said he can try to find a paint that matches the curb.  I agree that 6" white letters would look the best.  But depending on how the curb looks after he paints it, stand alone white letters might not work. We have some options for painting that curb.  See second photo for a green curb. See third photo for white box with black letters.  The rest of the curb would be the natural concrete. That might look better.  He will also black out the yellow on the road.

I’d really like to hear preferences from the homeowners that live along that row, since it’s visible from your homes.

Casey Zolezzi

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  1. So far we have 5 votes for the white with black lettering.

  2. Love the blog!!! I just moved in on Pilcher Ave & my neighbor told me about WES's blog. So cute! We may swing by to meet everyone on Saturday!