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Friday, December 9, 2011

Water Bill

Hello All,
As a follow up to the meeting on Monday evening, I wanted to let everyone know that I found a friend of some friends of mine, who is a contact at the Mayor's Office. His name is Billy Fields and he is the Director of the The Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods. I explained to him the West End Station Water Bill situation. He was extremely willing to help. He asked me for a copy of the water bill, which I forwarded from Kyle McGavin. He wants to contact Metro Water himself and find out the whole story. He says he is willing to meet with us in person, too. I will keep you posted on what he finds out.
I felt very good about our conversation, and that if there is going to be any kind of adjustment to the bill, this is the best approach.
Jami Francescon


  1. I just heard from Billy Fields, that Metro Water would like to look into the water bill further. It sounds like we will at the very least get a better explanation of what happened. Billy intends to make sure of that, as he agrees this is highly unusual. He is hoping to get an answer before the holidays.

  2. Metro Water is still investigating and Billy Fields is keeping good communication with them. He is doing his best.

  3. There have been 8 e-mails between Billy Fields at the Mayors office and myself since Dec. 9. Here is the latest from Billy received Feb. 1:

    (The MWS investigators are thoroughly reviewing your account so that they can address all your questions/issues. I am very sorry that it is taking so long, but I can assure you that they are working really hard on this.